Reviews About Huna Tribal Balm | CBD Oil Uk
July 2, 2020

CBD Tribal Balm | CBD oil uk

What Miss Midlands 2019 had to say about the Huna CBD Tribal Balm?

People are not new to the term CBD Tribal Balm, nor are they new to the hype surrounding the industry, but what often seems like a misrepresentation had been affiliated with it for such a long time that there was no shaking it off, until recently! More and more people have started to be advocates of the products and brands that they find are changing the direction of the market. you can buy.

More than Cannabis

Many people had understood that the label of the Cannabis industry had been slanderous, and the THC tag had suppressed people from learning about the real benefits of CBD. The new emerging market presents brands, growers and creators with a wide range of cutting-edge tools and extraction processes. In essence, this allows new neches and industries to emerge, catering to a wide range of people who can benefit from the broad spectrum of pure CBD.

Huna CBD Tribal Balm

Bethany Louise, who is the 2019 Miss Midlands, had been struggling with challenges that affected her skin and muscles, causing her issues on a daily basis. She had been recommended to try some CBD products out, but she had not yet come across a brand that represented her lifestyle and high expectations.

Reviews About Huna Tribal Balm | CBD Oil Uk

Reviews About Huna Tribal Balm | CBD Oil Uk


After launching Huna Labs in late 2019, she discovered the brand at the CBD convention and took a few products with her. The product that caught her attention more than any other had been the Huna Tribal Balm, the sweet menthol scent of the balm was perfect for it to be convenient for use on a day to day basis.. Beyond it not being intrusive, she immediately felt the soothing effects that it had on her skin and muscles.

Bethany is a Model, Rock-star and a mother of two handsome boys, in her own words she puts it like this, “I had always been told of the magical properties of CBD, but I never had a chance to try something suitable, I was hesitant of trying the Tribal balm, as it almost seems too good to be true. I gave it a go and it has honestly made me forget about the daily struggle that I had, my life is still chaos bouncing between my profession and family, but it has made me more focused and happier”.

After hearing such wonderful responses from Bethany, we asked her whether she wanted to be a part of the Huna Tribe, which is a group of people that love and live Huna; she said YES! Bethany has been exceptional in getting the message of the benefits of CBD to people around the globe through her advocacy of it on her social platforms. We invited her for a shoot and she was absolutely brilliant. She even went a step further by sharing her experience with her followers on Instagram.


You can see Bethany showing off her Huna CBD Tribal Balm in the video below. Be sure that you checkout the amazing work Bethany will be doing with the Huna Tribe in the coming months.