Model Agent Tedge Vs Boxer Sean Davis, in a CBD battle of the century
June 27, 2020

CBD Oil or CBD Protein Shakes?

The CBD industry has gone through the roof in the last few years, but hemp and CBD are nothing new, what’s new is how different products are now becoming a norm for different industries. Consumers from all over the globe are in favour of one or another, so we set out to see just how different people react to the ones they are fond of.

Agent Tedge and 6% CBD Oil.

Model Tom Tedge, who promotes affordable fashion through his ethos of fashion for all, has been a vocal advocate for the promotion of quality CBD products that meet the high standards he has for his own lifestyle. Tom set out to try different CBD products available on the market and came across the Huna 6% CBD oil and CBD capsules. We contacted Tom and set a date to talk about the reasons why he had chosen the Huna products over the other.

Tom had this to say when we first met him, “You know what it is? I like these products because they are pure, most of the other things I’ve tried are like liquid cannabis, where as these are something else, they keep you focused and in the zone, like CBD is meant to be, you know what I mean?” Though as enlightening as that was to hear, we weren’t satisfied and were meaning to push this a bit further.

Sean Davis and the CBD Protein Shake

Sean Davis, who is a beloved Boxer and an avid athlete from Birmingham, was called on-board by the Huna team for a trial of a lifetime. Sean, whose wife Jen is a NHS worker and uses the Huna Hand Sanitizers, helped us and persuaded Sean to accept our request. Sean had never tried any kind of CBD products before this, but looked forward to the experience.

How high can you go?

With both Agent Tedge and Sean Davis were up for the challenge, so we set up the match; the goal? To climb one of the highest cliffs on the Carding Mill Valley. The only condition was to try one of the CBD products of their choice. Tom was sure that the CBD capsules would be his weapon of choice, but Sean was more inclined to try the CBD Protein Shake, a wise choice given his background in the athletic realm.

Ready, Set, Climb!

Once both of the challengers had taken the CBD products of their choice, they started trekking towards the highest point in the mountainous regions of the Valley. For the next 2 hours, they can be seen (in the video below), running, jogging and just enjoying their journey. Once the cliff was in view, Sean tells the young Model to have the honors of climbing up the cliff, at which point Tom starts a steep climb towards it. Tom reaches the top of the cliff in a relatively short time, he stares off in the horizon and takes a winners stance on top of it.

Their Verdict?

After Tom Tedge had climbed back down from the cliff, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate Tom on his victory, while trying to not mention how Sean obviously let the young talent steal one over him. Tom was still pumping from his victory and bouncing all over the place. He had this to say, “This has been a walk in the park, I knew that the CBD oil was the right choice. I still feel like I’m ready for round 2, focused as I’ve ever been.” Even though we could see how exhausted Agent Tedge was, we thanked him for being a part of this match.

On the other hand, Sean did seem like he could have another go at that mountain, we were more interested in listening to what Sean had to say, since it was his first time trying any form of CBD supplements. “I’ve never tried one of the CBD products, so I don’t know how different it is from the others, but this protein powder definitely has an edge over the regular ones I’ve used for years”, he concluded by adding, “The journey towards the cliff seemed easy enough, plus I felt more focused and lighter as I carried on, I’m looking forward to see how this works once I’m in the gym, and not messing around with rookies” (OUCH!).

Who Wins?

It seems like it comes down to personal preference as far as any product is concerned, but what we were able to gather was that if the product actually helps you achieve what you set out to do, then that is the one that will help you get there.

Make sure you follow both of the amazing lads on their future journey as part of the Huna Tribe, who knows, maybe a rematch in the near future might be a realistic possibility.