Meet Tony, our Master Blender
March 12, 2020

Extracting the best CBD oil and blending beautiful products is an art and a science. Which is where Tony comes in. He’s the botanical brains behind Huna, and he oversees the entire process from crop cultivation to extraction to creation of the final product.

Tony qualified as a medical herbalist over 30 years ago and was made a fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 2016. He’s been passionate about plants since his teens and has spent the last few decades advising large and small companies about how to bring the power of plants to life.

We couldn’t have created Huna without Tony. The hemp plant has been used by humans for more than a thousand years. Tony blends knowledge that goes back centuries with the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure purity and safety of the final Huna oils. And, not least, whenever we come up with a new idea for a CBD product, Tony makes it happen.

I really love the fact that we can design and create our own products. Tony with his knowledge and expertise, helps us bring them to life. For all to enjoy and experience the Power and Force of Huna. Meeting Tony was really lucky on my part. A True Legend in this industry. Cheers Tony!