How the CBD Protein Powder and CBD Rub are Changing Gym and Exercise
August 5, 2020

How the CBD Protein Powder and CBD Rub are Changing Gym and Exercise.

One of the most annoying things about starting the gym is the fatigue that comes with it, even though the gains have their own bliss, sometimes it just doesn’t feel fair to put your body through that anguish before you can see the results.

The reality of the matter is that the harder you train, the better the gains; but the pain is not a requirement for your body to look good, it is just a hindrance.

Introducing Nathan Anthony, a fashion model and personal trainer, who is in the gym for multiple hours a day to keep himself and other gym enthusiasts in good shape. Nathan has been using various protein shakes and rubs over the past few years, but as he puts it, “Most of the muscle rubs lack texture and still leave you feeling stiff and sore the next morning”, he adds, “Most of the people that quit the gym do not quit because of the lack of time, patience, or motivation, it’s because at times we feel bad about putting our body through the pain and feeling of exhaustion, sometime people are even unable to carry on with the rest of the day as they normally would”.

Many fitness models and gym fanatics have started looking away from the traditional modes of recovery and finding out that the alternative CBD products are much safer and healthier for everyday use. The CBD movement is ripe with vocal advocates from all over the spectrum from people suffering from unhealthy lifestyles, to those who see the soon approaching CBD boom and know why it will change how recovery and an unhealthy lifestyle is dealt with on a daily basis. Nathan has made a routine of taking the Huna CBD protein shake before he heads to the gym and uses the CBD Warrior Rub as a post gym muscle recovery rub. He credits the CBD products to be “instrumental” in his daily routine.

When questioned about whether he would still train like a beast if he did not have the edge that CBD gives him, he replied with, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t train as I do now, but knowing that you have an edge as far as fatigue is concerned, you can push yourself a bit more and put in those extra reps that you normally wouldn’t even dream of”. To those that live a lifestyle that is centred around self care and physical growth, that extra bit of push really can make a difference.

The Huna CBD protein shake is made from 100% crude oil extract that is mixed into the protein powder, many of the other CBD producers tend to turn the CBD into the powder, which loses its potency and effect. Keeping the inherent chemical composition intact is an important part of the process of the best protein powder, and in delivering what Huna set out to do.

Nathan also spoke fondly of the CBD Oral drops and tends to take them with his afternoon coffee, “2-3 drops is all you need to keep calm and focused” he says.

Be sure to check out Nathan Anthony on Instagram and keep up with his lifestyle posts and stories that are as impressive as they are motivational. He is also featured on Dress to Impress on ITV2.

Below, you can find the short video we did with Nathan, and be sure to follow him @Nathan_anthonyy