Huna’s original name is ho’omana.
Ho'o means ‘to make’ and mana defines ‘life force’. Taken together, they mean ‘empowerment’. That’s why we love the name Huna for our powerful 100% natural CBD.

Our Huna Journey

We discovered CBD when a close family member came up against serious health challenges in 2017. We quickly realised that high-strength natural CBD was difficult to find. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and produce our very own high-quality 100% natural CBD. Our product range includes a strong 26% CBD potency, which we found to best support our family’s health journey. Now our focus is on sharing our expertise and exceptional products with other people.

The Huna Way

Our plants

As we all know, most plants love sunshine, great soil and just the right amount of water. None more so than the hardworking hemp plant – who’s happiest in the great outdoors being cared for by passionate and experienced growers. Our Huna hemp is grown and hand-picked in perfect outdoor conditions in Croatia and the Czech Republic on family run farms. Always under the summer sunshine, never in greenhouses and never with pesticides. Don’t our hemp plants look wonderfully happy!

The team

We’re lucky to have Tony – a master CBD blender with over 30 years’ expertise. Tony works with our farmers and supports them with his expert scientific knowledge. Tony selects individual hemp plants before they’re carefully hung out to dry in huge barns on the farms. This ensures the plants are not contaminated with side-products. Once dry, the crop is shipped to the UK for a multi-stage CO2 extraction process. Our team are eagle-eyed over every stage of the Huna CBD production process – from planting to packaging.

Purity and process

Once dried, we pop our Huna hemp on a boat bound for Kent in the UK. Here we begin an ultra-meticulous production process. We use a supercritical CO2 extraction method, which means we have precise control over the heat and pressure and can produce the exact compounds we want. This ensures we have great control over the purity of our cannabinoids and can bring you perfectly pure, finely tuned, 100% natural CBD products – which makes us happy.

Ethics and standards

We’re determined to set the standard in the fast-growing CBD industry. We’re big supporters of governance, testing and verification. We’re members of the Cannabis Trade Association and The British Hemp Association – all our products adhere to their guidelines, and often exceed testing requirements. You can read reports on every Huna product on our shop page. We minimise waste and use recyclable materials wherever possible, we’re working towards becoming zero waste and 100% carbon neutral.